About Project Max Eco-Valley

Poised to become the face of modern, revitalized Lucknow, Max Infra Ventures launched its project 'Max-Eco-Valley' on Lucknow Raibarely Highway. With the exceptional landscape, Project Max Eco-Valley symbolizes Lucknow's Real Estate Success.


Uplifting the Life Style !


Max Infra Ventures offers its consumers, and the population of Lucknow, a wide choice of residential, commercial and retail space in its prime project Eco Valley.

  • A modern township with Damar Road and Park !
  • A clear visibility through Solar Street Lights throughout the night !
  • A well designed Community Centre !
  • Commercial Spaces with modern architecture and design !
  • Well established School & Hospital !

"Level up your live!"


Project Detailing

Project Max-Eco-Valley consists of total 980 plots in all three phases acquiring approx 1068421 sq ft of area, under which 1018621 sq ft of area is alloted to plots, 15400 sq ft area is alloted to park and 34400 sq ft area is assigned to commercial space.

Plot area includes;

  • 40*50=2000 sqft,
  • 40*40=1600 sqft,
  • 20*50=1000 sqft,
  • 20*40=800 sqft,
  • 40*60=2400 sqft,
  • 40*40=1600 sqft,
  • 30*40=1200 sqft,
  • 25*50=1250 sqft,
  • 30*60=1800 sqft

    Corporate Ethics !

    Our vision is to make the world a better place to live in, to transform and uplift the quality of living and life style of each and every individual...!

    We believe in developing what is being said. This saying has been successfully accomplished through the current infrastructure development of our project. Their residents, customers, and visitors can enjoy top level development work and more over getting almost every daily requirement without leaving the colony.


    Inside Story!

    The streets of the township shall be well connected with a number of cafes and restaurants, where residents of this and other neighborhoods of surroundings, as well as visitors, will gather.

    One of the priority objectives of the project 'Max-Eco-Valley' is to provide the city with the greatest possible benefits. Accommodating parking lots inside the colony is also under consideration.

    >Our Mission is to create ourselves as the leading marketing leaders in the entire country and differentiate that what Real estate word actually stands for....!

    Built on the cornerstones of knowledge, efficient management & transparency; Max Infra Ventures is well poised to contribute to the development of Lucknow's Real Estate....!



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