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A RERA Registered Company. (Reg. No. UPRERAAGT14469)
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  • Welcome to Max Infra Ventures!

    The leading real estate company in Lucknow!

    Max Infra Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is one such real estate marketing company which specializes in all forms of real estate marketing, including online marketing. Company enjoys a strong presence in Lucknow & SCR and has made its good position in the real estate Industry. The company is one of the fastest growing entities in the realty sector with a difference that offers luxury for reasonable cost, excellent customer care with highest customer satisfaction.

    Our technicians are experts at handling marketing for real estate companies, and ensure that you get the right kind of exposure in a way that beats your rivals by miles.

    We create digital and creative experiences for the commercial real estate industry. Our clients look to us for solutions relating to visual design, digital marketing, online strategy, lead generation and our overall experience to help them maximize exposure and create opportunities.

    Our vision is about making the world a better place to live in, to transform and uplift the quality of living and life style of each and every individual.To contribute significantly to Making the new India and become the India's most valuable real estate company.

    We believe to create ourselves as the leading marketing leaders in the entire country and differentiate that what Real estate word actually stands for....! We are the plate form where Marketing meets Real estate...and give you the power of Dreaming as high as your mind goes....!

    Being a marketing icon ...we made artist because it is An Art...the world pays for not because what it is they pays for what you made it....!

    Our Mission is to make world-class real-estate concepts across all business Areas with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service. Deliver value for money and excellent investor relation.

    Level up your live!

  • Max Infra Ventures was awarded as the best newcomer in the Industry of the year 2017 by the UP Real Estate Forum & Project Awards, which was held in Lucknow on 23-24 November 2017!


    UP Real Estate Forum & Project Awards is the main event of the year in the region, which is dedicated to the real estate market. Its purpose is to identify the best development and construction projects of the Central & Eastern Region of Uttar Pradesh.
    This event was organized by the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Club (UPRE Club). The process of voting was supervised by the experts of the industry.


    All of our projects were started with proper plannig and with all the legal approvals. We are into the process of UP RERA Registration and anticipate to get the registration number very soon. We also partnered with industry leaders and associates to deliver the best!

    Max Infra Ventures combines 5 area of development : residential, commercial, office, villas, and independent houses. It should be noted that these areas do not interfere with each other, but create a synergic effect and increase our industry related expertise.


    All of our projects were being started within the scheduled terms. We shall soon be into the process of giving possession to our phase-1 clients in Eco-Valley, and shall start developing phase-2.


    Apart from Eco-Valley, Max Infra Ventures also started projects like Gardenia, Pahal and Sapphire.

  • It is advised to all our prominent customers that they should not deposit any amount in associate's bank accounts whether it is booking amount or advance payment or EMI payment.

    "We value your association with us and leave no stone unturned into fulfilling that."

    Company shall not be responsible for any such issue where customer has deposited amount into associates's bank account and asking clearification from company.

    According to the guide lines of Max Infra Ventures Corporate Ehthics, "Max Infra Ventures" will not support any suspicious transaction and shall keep strict eyes on every transactions

    Besides, our legal team will always be available to cater the rising needs of our prominent associates and customers.

  • On the 4th October 2017, Max Infra Ventures launched Eco-Valley situated on Raibareli Road, just 30 minutes drive from the heart of the city, that is Lucknow.!

    One of the most luxrious and yet affordable site in the Lucknow town.

    Eco-Valley shall be covered with lush green expanses and yet bring to you all the modern infra-structure with wide internal road, street lights, sewage, commercial complex, villas, parks and all the amenities for a better living.